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The Smart Report 2018

We can all see that retail is having to react to the stinging pain of famous brands closing stores, share prices plummeting and mega mergers changing the retail landscape. 

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What can AI do to provide an antidote to this and help retailers work smarter?

To answer this, in association with Microsoft, Blue Yonder/JDA commissioned a global research study with retailers in the US and Europe to explore the issues in more detail.

The report will explore four areas that are producing that pain, and thereby can offer opportunities for AI to provide a smart solution.

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What to expect inside The Smart Report:

  • ‘The department store is dead. Long live the department store’ - explores why some department stores are failing, what makes the successful ones get even stronger.

  • ‘Retail Weak. Brand Strong’ looks at how brands have responded to the power digital has given consumers to have their brands anytime and anyplace.

  • ‘Offline’s taking a customer experience lesson from Online’ investigates the lessons that stores are learning from online.
  • ‘Packaging AI as retail’s fast fix for sustainability’ drills down into how fast fashion and plastic packaging is proving to be a toxic mix for the environment.