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Our third issue of the popular Daily AI is now available for all the current news, opinions, and trends in retail AI innovation.


AI, helping retailers work smarter

AI is now being used to transform the retail industry, enabling retailers to be better positioned to provide customers with the experience that they both demand and expect. It can be seen as the start of a new era where staff can ‘work smart‘ and become increasingly effective in delivering the very best customer experience.

AI is leading the change in modern retail and assisting key environmental issues like reducing plastic waste, but it’s an incredibly fast-moving technology. To keep up with how it’s influencing change, you need a central information source. Find out the latest news by reading the Daily AI, and see how it’s transforming retail.

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What to expect inside The Daily AI:

  1. An in depth report on how AI can transform the supply chain

  2. The case of the missing Aubergine - a mystery solved by AI!
  3. The key to high street survival: could AI deliver the human touch?

  4. An update on Blue Yonder's acquisition by JDA